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#RoyalBeddingDay Homeless Music Initiative

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The man who discovered Oasis and Primal Scream is promoting a series of benefit concerts, as part of a day of action on the day of the royal wedding to combat homelessness.

Subsequent to The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative councillor leader Simon Dudley urging Thames Valley Police this week to clamp down on homelessness and rough sleepers, asking that they be banned and moved on from streets around around Windsor Castle leading up to the wedding of Price Harry and Meghan Markle on 19th May 2018, the music mogul Alan McGee is organising a series of homelessness benefit concerts on the day of the royal wedding.

In a letter to Thames Valley Police crime commissioner Anthony Stansfeld, Cllr Dudley warns that townspeople were fearing for their safety and writes with his concerns about antisocial behaviour and security implications in the run up and preparations for the Royal Wedding. He wants to enforce the Vagrancy Act against organised begging in Windsor, his worries that many beggars on the street are not homeless at all, or have chosen to reject support services offered by the council in favour of begging.

Alan MgGee of Musicians Against Homelessness

In the letter, he warns that bags and detritus left on the pavement by beggars are a security risk for the wedding preparations and tourists. The Slough Express newspaper reported that Cllr Dudley caused a furore on Twitter when he tweeted about an epidemic of rough sleeping and vagrancy in Windsor, calling for police to focus on it before the Royal Wedding, which lead to angry claims he was attacking the homeless.

Alan McGee, Scottish businessman and music industry executive, the former Creation Records boss who discovered bands such as Oasis and Primal Scream, is behind the “Royal Bedding” day of action. He is behind the Musicians Against Homelessness charity, which has raised over £100,000 since the charity was founded in 2016 and plans to stage fundraising events across the UK.

Speaking to the Daily Record, McGee said:

Prince Harry is a compassionate man, I’m sure he’d be appalled by this callous approach to the homeless. They are human beings, not rubbish to be swept out of sight. We can raise money and awareness for some of the poorest in society while some celebrate the pomp and glory of the aristocracy. Many of those on the streets are ex-military. They have served their country, now we must serve them.

As Prince Harry ties the knot with Meghan Markle on 19th May, music venues across the country will be encouraged to put on gigs in a bid to raise money for some of the UK’s most vulnerable citizens. A #RoyalBeddingDay HashTag and Wedding Vow has been created to support the initiative.

Do YOU take us
To be your gig partners?
To have and to help
From this day forward,
For better, for worse,
Not for the richer, but to help those poorer
In sickness and in distress.
To make music and to care
And always play my part
According to MAH’s rocking law
In the presence of a stage, I make this vow

On their Facebook page, MAH announced on 5th January that they will call upon supporters and friends to join them in putting on as many music events as possible across the UK to support the homeless people and make a lot of noise. The page gives all information needed for venues, bands and musicians to come together and support the #RoyalBeddingDay.