Sugar Sachet Request

Thanking those for the speedy response, we now have some 2,000 sugar sachets. We at the Newbury Soup Kitchen are continually thankful for the magnanimous support from the local community, especially Caroline and the Hungerford Ladies for all your support. That said, we are looking for strong plates, flasks, sleeping bags and tents which you will find on our Amazon Wish List

We’ve had a request from a couple of our clients, asking for sugar that they can take away after the Soup Kitchen. From the Foodbank, we do receive bags of granulated sugar for our Thursday use, but catering style sugar sachets are in demand. Do you or anyone you know work in the catering industry? If so, we would love and welcome the sugar sachets you find in cafes or hotel rooms.

Amazon Wish List

Help support the Soup Kitchen by dontating items from our Amazon WIsh List.

Best In Business

Newbury Soup Kitchen has been shortlisted as 2018 finalist for the NWN Business In Business Awards. 

Zombie Fun Run

Ava Lynch will be running the thrilling zombie 5k survival inflatable fun run to raise money for our us. Please sponsor her.

Christmas Fund Raiser Event

Join Charmaine on Friday 9th November at 6:30pm to help raise funds for our Chistmas Party.

Food Hygiene Rating

Newbury Soup Kitchen at The Salvation Army was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good) by West Berkshire Council on 16th February, 2017

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