The Newbury Soup Kitchen is open every Thursday evening.

The Newbury Soup Kitchen


The Newbury Soup Kitchen is a voluntary organisation providing help and support to the Newbury homeless community and those less fortunate than others. The primary operation is a friendly drop-in centre for vulnerable adults who perhaps have mental health issues or are just lonely. All are greeted with hot food and drinks every Thursday evening. A warm welcome awaits people who wish to socialise, find support, enjoy a hot meal and interact with like-minded people.


We are in desperate need of tents, sleeping bags, ground sheets and tarpaulins. Here are some selected items from out Amazon Wish List that will make a difference. Thanking you in advance for your help.


Please contact us to offer your support, in whatever capacity. We always welcome assistance on Thursday evenings to collect, prepare and serve food. Most volunteers assist on a rota basis if they cannot commit every week.


Hot food and drinks are provided free of charge. On the menu are soup, beans on toast, sandwiches and cakes. All foodstuff is kindly donated by local businesses and the Newbury community as a whole, for which we are very grateful.

The Newbury Soup Kitchen at the Salvation Army hall is open from 6.00pm to 8.00pm every Thursday. You will find us at 8 Northcroft Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1BU.


On 25 January 2017, the Department for Communities and Local Government released the autumn 2016 figures for rough sleeping. These statistics provide a snapshot figure of the number of people every local authority estimates or counts to be sleeping rough on any one night.

2016 Rough Sleeping Count

A total of 4,134 people were counted or estimated by local authorities to be sleeping rough in England on any one night in autumn 2016, an increase of 16% from the 3,569 figure of 2015. Figures show that the number of people sleeping rough has more than doubled in the last two years. Local authorities’ counts and estimates indicate an increase of 2,366 rough sleepers (134%) since the current methodology for measuring rough sleeping began in 2010. Source Homeless Link

Rough sleeping by region

London has a total of 964 people sleeping rough, an increase of 3% from the 2015 figure of 940. There were significant increases in rough sleeping in East England (44%) and in the North West (42%). In 2016, London accounted for 23% of the total number of rough sleepers, compared to 26% in 2015. The South East continues to account for a high percentage of the total number of people sleeping rough (23%). Source Homeless Link

Rough sleeping by local authority

Westminster remains the local authority with the highest number of rough sleepers, a total of 260 people compared to 2015 figure of 265. Bristol is the only other local authority in the top 10 to report a reduction in the number of rough sleepers (-23). Birmingham and Redbridge are in the top 10 in 2016 but were not in the top ten in 2015. Source Homeless Link


We have an ever growing team of volunteers who are passionately committed to supporting the homeless and vulnerable of our society and community. We rely solely on their continued dedication and that of donations from our local community and business organisations.


I conceived the idea of the Newbury Soup Kitchen in November 2016 while working for the Newbury Food Bank at the Salvation Army hall. It came to my attention that the Loose Ends drop-in centre did not open on a Thursday, therefore there was a need for an additional resources for the homeless and .... [More]


My name is Abi and I joined Newbury Soup Kitchen in July. The first time I went was mainly just to see what it was like and do something a bit different but after one session I couldn’t be kept away. I love helping to develop a safe, warm and trustworthy place for Newburys' most vulnerable to go. I first enjoyed being able to give back to.... [More]


I met Meryl whilst volunteering at the Foodbank in Newbury. Little did I know then what a dynamic and inspirational person she was. She came up with the idea of the Soup Kitchen, asked if I would like to be involved and as they say the rest is history. After much hard work by Meryl we opened the doors at the beginning of this year and haven't looked.... [More]


My time at the soup kitchen came after a long search for how I could make a small difference. I had always had a problem with the thought of donating to a charity, it left me feeling detached and wondering if my donation being spent wisely? Both my wife and I had often thought the best you can give is your time. I met a man rough sleeping in Thatcham.... [More]


I moved to England from Denmark in August 2017 and had decided that I wanted to do some volunteering to get to know people. I have worked in Denmark within mental health and substance abuse and wanted to put my experience to good use. I came across Meryl and the work she was doing with the other volunteers at the Soup.... [More]

David and Frances

We are David and Frances and have been volunteering at the Soup Kitchen from the beginning. We are well aware of the needs of so many people, even in this affluent town. We appreciate what we have and recognise that misfortune can hit anybody. We enjoy working with the team and talking with the clients. One of the things that.... [More]


I LOVE helping at the Soup Kitchen on Thursday evenings! Not only are the volunteers friendly, our clients have become friends too. After serving hot food and drinks we all find time to chat and have a laugh together. There are groups playing cards or doing crossword puzzles, some read the national or local newspapers, others just like.... [More]


Rough sleeping and homelessness is becoming a national concern, with many national and regional groups and charities spread across the country. It's a touching subject, being so many people could easily find themselves in such a situation and simply need a helping hand. As much as I wanted to help an individual on the street, like many I guess, I was perplexed with.... [More]


My name is Catherine and I joined Meryl and her team right at the beginning. I am one of the older members, possibly the shortest but not the quietest! My hobbies include reading, writing and painting and I volunteer at Thatcham food bank. So why join this lot? Well I love people and my life has been very blessed. I don’t have a.... [More]


I started helping at the Soup Kitchen in March 2017, a couple of months after it had opened. I’d always wanted to help with homelessness in some way so as soon as I heard about the work Meryl was doing I was keen to get involved. We are all closer to being homeless than we realise, a few bits of bad luck, wrong decisions or ill health can be all it takes.... [More]