Christmas Is Coming But Providing Help Is Year Round​

This evening was quiet, 35 people in total, funny how we now think 35 is quiet whereas a year ago this would have been considered a busy night. Jan is away so today so it was down to Meryl to cook. Maybe that’s why the numbers were down! Two Saints had a trip out today and it was a mild evening so that affected our numbers

Rough Sleepers In Fear After Campsite Arson Attack

The Two Saints Outreach worker Richard Cottle contacted Meryl this week to ask for a tent for two of the rough sleepers after someone set some tents alight at about 12pm on Wednesday in the campsite by the football club. Thankfully no-one was hurt in the incident. You can read all about it here on our news article.

Gluten Free And Vegetarian Options

This week a gluten-free hot meal was on the menu to make sure our shaken lady (see here) could eat it as she has a gluten intolerance which is difficult to manage when you are homeless. Potato and Bolognese Gratin and Apple Strudel and custard. The kitchen will also provide baked beans on toast, tuna pasta, pot noodles, soup and hot dogs so hopefully something for everyone. We try to provide a choice of gluten and vegetarian free options each week but we rely heavily on donations to cover as many scenarios as possible. We are always short of meat donations. They are very much appreciated. 

Birthday Celebrations

We are rubbish at remembering to take photos during the session as it is so busy.  Sadly we forgot to get a picture with the birthday cake. One of our lovely clients has his birthday on Sunday. He mentioned in passing a few months ago that nobody has acknowledged his birthday for a few years. When we came toward him singing happy birthday he didn’t understand why we were singing to him. He was completely blown away why we would do such a thoughtful thing, he didn’t think he was deserving. We made sure he took lots home with him. HOME you say? To him his tent is home. 

Rough Sleeper Night Provision Outreach Worker

Jane, the new “Rough Sleeper Night Provision Outreach Worker”  from Two Saints came into tonight thanks to Meryl inviting her after the MEAM meeting on Tuesday. She works different hours, often evenings and  The Soup Kitchen is a great place for her to get to know her candidates. We hope she will come in regularly. 

Christmas Is Coming But Providing Help Is Year Round

Christmas is looming and we are all starting to look forward to the festive season. Last year we were inundated with wonderful offers of support and donations over the festive season. It has been highlighted more than ever this week due to the fire at the campsite that our local rough sleepers and homeless community need support all year around. Donations tend to reduce throughout the year especially when the weather is mild and dry. As we have mentioned in the past, for some, the summer months were harder to live outdoors than the winter. It definitely is not like being on holiday when you are rough sleeping in hot weather. It’s tough all year round without question. People constantly need our support. Lycra boxer shorts, wind up torches, head torches, jogging bottoms, socks, thick gloves, wet wipes and deodorant to name a few. We are happy to accept deliverers of items from our Amazon Wish List or into the Soup Kitchen on a Thursday.   

And Finally...

This blog is shorter than normal this week. We did not want to detract from the importance of events this week in our community. Please think about our vulnerable. Do not judge them, try to look further than the perception of that drunk man asleep outside Tesco in the high street or the man begging on the bridge. Most homeless do not beg and most do not hang around in the street. All rough sleepers and homeless are human beings like us all. When you sit and listen, get to know them as people not as statistics you will see how desperate and sad they are. Compassion, love, support and time, it works wonders and speaks volumes.