Community Matters, Dependancy Withdrawal Issues and more….

We are delighted to report that our new van, kindly donated by SWIFT COURIERS, was collected yesterday (2nd). This should prove extremely useful, not only logistically, but in terms of advertising and fundraising too. So huge thanks go to Adrian and the Team at Swift.

Waitrose, through their “Community Matters” programme have donated £400 to us from their token collection in April. Since the scheme launched in 2008, over £30 million has been donated to good causes.

51 through the door this week. The sudden rain did not appear to reduce visitor numbers, but the concentration of people inside made it feel a snug at times. Carrot and Coriander Soup along with a proper Beef Stew was served up, and with over £70 of meat having been cooked off for the stew, only a very small amount went to waste. Sue [our new in-house Foot Healthcare Practitioner] was in this evening and was kept busy with attendees.

It has been reported that there is a general shortage of heroin in the local area. Plenty of acid, but no heroin. Supply and demand aside, this has caused major withdrawal issues with some of our Clients. It is important to note that the majority of our Clients do not engage in drug use of this type, so this reference pertains only a few.

Early Symptoms can include:

Sweating, Runny Nose

Muscle Ache

Sleep Problems


Anxiety, Irritability

Other Symptoms can include:



Dilated Pupils

Goose Bumps


Unfortunately we have seen a couple of sudden attacks on our homeless community. In one attach, a tent was set alight; and another – if a different area – was slashed with a blade. This is a horrific attach on those who already feel both isolated and vulnerable. Fortunately we have been able to assist them and provide replacement equipment (including sleeping bags).