Desperate Summer Appeal As We Have Run Out Of Tents

With the recent lull in heatwave temperatures, weather forecasters are warning of another hot spell later this week. Recent appeals have received tepid responses, perhaps because people are away on holiday? As such we are have totally run out of tents and other essentials are fast depleting.

We appeal for tents, ruck sacks, cycle locks and seasonal items such as sunscreen, SPF lip balm, aftersun and mosquito repellent.

We appreciate that we constantly seem to ask and we hope that our weekly website updates demonstrates how donations are utilised and what good does transpire. The street homeless are struggling with sunburn, dehydration and mosquito bites. Rough sleepers are living an outdoor life in such stifling temperatures and finding it hard, if not more difficult than the winter cold. If you have ever camped, you will know how hot it gets inside a tent in the blistering sun.

Sunscreen, mosquito repellant, after sun and high SPF lip balm are constant necessities this time of year. That said, we are also in desperate need of head torches, bike locks and rucksacks.

Why So Many Tents?

This is a good question and there are half a dozen reasons why we have a constant requirement for tents. With our open door policy, we welcome a number of transient homeless who migrate around the country. Many stop and stay within the Newbury community before moving on and require a new tent to replace one that is dishevelled. Which brings us nicely to the topic of quality. The majority of tents are not built to withstand the constant daily use. Primarily designed for hiking as lightweight, portable and easily erected, parts easily fail with every day use. Sometimes sold for festival use, they are certainly not geared to withstand the extremes of weather that we regularly encounter either.

Sleeping up to four people the Adtrek tent is great for family getaways and festivals with your mates. With the bold colours and stylish design you will be the envy of your fellow campers and festival goers.

Vandalism, although uncommon does happen. We have learned of tents being burned and slashed with knives, dictating they have to be replenished. You will recall in December last year that there was a furious backlash against Thames Water when bailiffs evicted rough sleepers from the water treatment works on Moor Lane, where these people’s possessions were strewn about and tents destroyed.

Living in tented accommodation is difficult in extreme temperatures. Credit Newbury Weekly News.

Shop Around

Our Amazon Wish List is regularly updated and lists the items that are needed the most. It’s easy to select the ‘Newbury Soup Kitchen’ delivery address at checkout and have the items delivered straight to us. If you do not have an Amazon account, then please purchase from your favourite retailer. We have recently found that an order for two of the Adtrek tents on Amazon and sold by retailer ‘Outdoor Value’, includes an £8.99 delivery charge while their own website has the same retail price with free delivery.

Smaller and seasonal items can be dropped off to our collection bin at the Co-op on Brummell Road, Speen.

Thank You

We value and appreciate every and all donations, no matter how great or small. We cannot support our rough sleeper community without the support from the community. We thank you in anticipation.