COVID-19 – Urgent Appeal

With the effects of COVID-19 in full swing our service has been now drastically reduced to a delivery service. This in itself is limited given our logistical limitations, but we are also finding ourselves in need of food donations. Our usual sources for much needed donations have themselves had to shut, limiting enormously the amount of food we can provide to the vulnerable community. Therefore, we are asking for your generosity as we ride through this current storm. We continue to use the Amazon Wishlist as a central point for seeking donations, but we are also looking for items not listed such as Pot Noodles and Pasta Pots (and similar). Thank you in advance for your kind generosity at such a critical time !

General Appeal

We have a general appeal for environmentally friendly plates and cutlery. In our efforts to provide hot food on such a regular basis, we always find a requirement for plates, bowls and cutlery. Naturally we’d prefer these to be sturdy, but also recyclable too.

What Do We Need Right Now ?

Whilst we are keen to accept as many donations as offered, this isn’t always possible. Storage limitations, health and hygiene considerations, condition of donations and over-supply of some items, means we must unfortunately refuse some donations.

We must therefore focus on what we DO NEED. This may change seasonally, or perhaps through a sudden change in the weather, but we have to adapt accordingly. Therefore we maintain an Amazon Wishlist to effectively manage we we need at the moment.

What Do We Always Need ?

We are always in constant need of tents, ground sheets and sleeping bags. Thermos flasks are always a welcome together with wind-up torches and portable water carriers. Warm winter hats and scarves, thermal gloves and socks, waterproof coats and hiking boots are always in demand. Pot Noodles are a popular choice for our visitors, particularly Chicken and Mushroom and Beef and Tomato flavours! Coffee and orange squash are much needed, used and appreciated supplies. Please contact us to arrange a drop off. You’re always welcome to pop into the Soup Kitchen any Thursday evening with a donation you would like to make.

What We Have to Avoid ?


Unfortunately we must refuse donations where black bags are simply presented, left or dumped, and where their contents are either unverified as being useful to the Soup Kitchen, or where items are not clean or they are clearly damaged. It is unfortunate that some donated items are simply waste goods and the burden of disposal then falls to the Newbury Soup Kitchen. We are also unable to accept any used bedding items for health and hygiene reasons. Storage of big bulky items can occasionally cause issue, so please check before donating anything of this nature.