Help From All Quarters And Night Shelter Closes

This week our Soup kitchen shift started Wednesday at 3pm!

Jan came to Newbury to stay because of the threat of the impending weather and concerns that she would not get into Newbury ready for the Thursday shift so we decided it was best for her to stay in town the night before.  For the first time we did the supermarket donation pick ups together.

We had 26 clients in this evening and I was surprised to see a few had made the effort to come down from Two Saints.

Acts Of Kindness

A lovely thing happened this evening; Jack and Thomas turned up to help us set us as they were concerned that we may be short of volunteers due to the weather. Jack often helps with the tables but I was so touched by their support. We actually witnessed Thomas handing out sandwiches by passing a tray about that was great to see. The rough sleepers enjoy supporting and helping us and I know that long-term a couple of them will become mentors for other vulnerable people.

There have again been so many acts of kindness. Due to the weather, everyone just mucked in. Jack and Thomas helped set and clear up. Thomas came with me to Prett to pick up the food donation, luckily we had found out they were closing at 4pm. Christine and Richard tackled Wendan road hill and a stuck van to get to us and to pick up the Greggs food. Sam came down the A4 out of her way to get the Greggs food, it wasn’t her week either to pick it up.

Many of our volunteers braved treacherous driving conditions to get to us. We have been so touched as some volunteers came with their partners to ensure we had enough cover.

Voice For Our Vulnerable

Julia from SEAP came in this evening. She has kindly offered to come in every week to sit with her laptop and to try to help and be a voice for our vulnerable. She can help clients who need support fighting benefits, housing, eviction worries, court appearances, medical complaints and advocacy services she is the one to signpost people too. Brilliant!

Night Shelter Closes

The night shelter has now closed. Most of the service users will be moving onto accommodation. It will be interesting how many will continue to use the Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen may be quieter for a while. I’m so happy to see how excited however nervous of the new chapter in their lives. A few however through choice will be going back into tents.


It has been on my mind for a while and actually Marc mentioned to me last night the idea of recycling our cups. He is going to give it some thought and see what we can do. I know Costa locally will take them (rinsed). It’s a great idea if we can get every one board.

And Finally

Murphy, Paul and Aaron from the council made the time to come around to find the Soup Kitchen and to grit outside the hall. They did it with pleasure and a huge smile. We want to say thank you.