Thermos Flasks, Bike Locks And Lights Wanted

We have run out of Thermos flasks, bike locks and bike lights. All three items are essential. Every street homeless person relies heavily on their flask. For them, hot water is essential to keep them warm and for a hot drink. Some of our homeless have a bike and we try to support them with that through our new arrangement with the Community Furniture project. Bikes are a lifeline to get them back into employment and to make them more independent. Locks and lights are an essential necessity to keep the bikes secure and the owners safe on the road. We would appreciate support through our Amazon Wish List. This week we got a bike for one of our chaps who is sofa surfing and a piece of furniture for one of the homeless people who are now housed.

Lawn Mower Wanted

We are looking for a small lawn mower for one of our chaps who has a small patch of grass at the back of his new property. We are trying to help make him settle in his new home. He is struggling with his mental health and needs a helping hand. He is alone with little or no family. Often people who use our services have no one else who they can talk to and in return we listen in a non judgemental way. It helps people work through their issues and we signpost where we can and provide comfort and support along the way.