Introducing HAVEN (West Berkshire) Homeless Charity

The success of the Newbury Soup Kitchen over nearly two years of providing a service to the homeless, vulnerable and rough sleepers in the community has exposed gaps in the charity, not-for-profit and statutory organisations support network. It has been an objective of Meryl and her team to offer more.

Therefore Haven (West Berkshire) “HAVEN” was registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in July 2018. Its objectives simply defined as “The relief of poverty of vulnerable and homeless people in the Newbury and West Berkshire area by the provision of a day centre, outreach and other services.”

The Newbury Soup Kitchen will therefore become and be immediately seen a division of HAVEN. Benefactors, clients and followers will see subtle changes over the coming weeks, including name change and identity, but should be rest assured that the services offered, ethos and people behind the Soup Kitchen will not change. Indeed, some of the Soup Kitchen volunteers now reside as Trustees within HAVEN.

The Haven (West Berkshire) homeless charity's logo.

What Changes Will There Be?

The first and most immediate change will be the separation from the Salvation Army. The Soup Kitchen will drop the connection with the Salvation Army in its name. The Salvation Army will, however, continue to allow the Soup Kitchen to provide services from their Northcroft Lane premises for the foreseeable future.

Being a division of HAVEN, the Newbury Soup Kitchen will now be able to more readily accept monetary donations alongside product donations and gifts. This is exceptionally beneficial subsequent to the recent Newbury Weekly News Best In Business windfall and recent fundraising.

Meryl Praill says:

The Newbury Soup Kitchen is going to stay and continue to run from the Salvation Army building for the immediate future, but will be attaching itself to the HAVEN charity. The Salvation Army is very happy to continue to support us. The Soup Kitchen will continue to use the Salvation Army hall as long as needed.

HAVEN has a simple objective to find larger premises to provide its Community Support Centre and outreach services, together with supporting the Soup Kitchen.

We are really appreciative and are grateful to Andrew Williams and the Salvation Army for their massive contribution. Without them, we would not have been able to set up the Soup Kitchen and have the opportunity for it to grow the way it has.

From today, any money donated to us in future will need to have Haven (West Berkshire) written as the payee.

Meryl Praill
Meryl is pround to announce that the Newbury Soup Kitchen will be associated to the new Newbury based HAVEN (West Berkshire) homeless charity.