Lee - Session Volunteer

I started helping at the Soup Kitchen in March 2017, a couple of months after it had opened. I’d always wanted to help with homelessness in some way so as soon as I heard about the work Meryl was doing I was keen to get involved. We are all closer to being homeless than we realise, a few bits of bad luck, wrong decisions or ill health can be all it takes sometimes and I always think “there, but for the grace of God go I”, when I meet people in these difficult circumstances.

I was a bit wary to start with, not knowing what to expect, but I very quickly realised that homeless people are just like anyone else, they are funny, clever, caring and appreciative but also sometimes sad, scared and worried. With a busy work and family life and my involvement with the local children’s football club, I don’t always get to spend as much time there as I’d like, but I enjoy my time there very much. Meryl has created something very special. It has a great atmosphere.