Mark - IT Support And Web Marketing

Rough sleeping and homelessness is becoming a national concern, with many national and regional groups and charities spread across the country. It’s a touching subject, being so many people could easily find themselves in such a situation and simply need a helping hand.

As much as I wanted to help an individual on the street, like many I guess, I was perplexed with the media stories of professional begging, suggesting that giving money was not the right idea. I was also appreciative of structured charity management, where perhaps donated moneys support overhead rather than the person. This is why the Newbury Soup Kitchen was of interest to me. I stumbled upon them in September 2017 and perhaps initially apprehensive and nervous of ‘coal face’ encounters as I felt I did not have the skill set to interact, I should not have been. Each Thursday evening is more of a social club, where clients and volunteers alike interact by talking and playing games. There is a regular hairdresser, manicurist and vet in attendance in addition to the guidance and administration support given to clients in respect to benefits and finding accommodation. Donations of other necessities including clothing, tents and sleeping bags are issued when needed. It’s not just food and drink and maybe the ‘Soup Kitchen’ name is too narrow for the services provided.

My primary role here at the NSK is to support the team through technical support, online marketing and fund raising. Thoroughly enjoying my role. A sincere pleasure and privilege an to be involved with a worthy and inspirational organisation.

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