Tom - Session Volunteer

My time at the soup kitchen came after a long search for how I could make a small difference. I had always had a problem with the thought of donating to a charity, it left me feeling detached and wondering if my donation being spent wisely? Both my wife and I had often thought the best you can give is your time. I met a man rough sleeping in Thatcham and spent a long time sitting with him, just getting to know him and listening. I had never thought homelessness was a problem in West Berkshire up until then, it opened my eyes and I knew I wanted to help. Through my wife’s Foodbank work she told me about the Soup Kitchen and I got straight in touch with Meryl and I haven’t looked back. There are so many people in need locally not just homeless, but vulnerable, lonely and many other issues. The Soup Kitchen provides a warm inviting atmosphere where we are able to provide sanctuary. All made possible by volunteers who can see how great the need is.