More than soup – Diet

More than just soup  – Diet

The 4th in our series of more than just soup. Read how Sally came to be a volunteer at Newbury Soup Kitchen.

“Hello, I’m Sally and I have been a Volunteer at Newbury Soup Kitchen almost as long as Meryl first started it. Most people call me Sal, and that‘s ok with me.

When I’m not at the Soup Kitchen I love meeting with my Friends for Coffee or an afternoon ‘Cuppa’. I also enjoy reading and walking although I  can’t do much of that these days ( need a new knee).

I first became aware  of Homelessness several years ago whilst on holiday in San Francisco . There were a great many young men begging on the streets. Some had no legs others had lost a leg and an arm. We stopped to speak to two or three of them after putting some cash in their tins or hats. All of them had the same story…. they had volunteered to fight in Vietnam!

Later that evening sitting in our Hotel room I got to thinking , how could a Country like America let these young guy’s down and not look after them?  I have also seen older men looking in bins in London hoping to find something to. When I heard about Newbury Soup Kitchen I thought YES this is a way for me to ‘ Give something back’ for the great life I have had.

My fondest memories to date are the success stories we have had, clients getting permanent accommodation and jobs. I go into town most days and often meet clients either sitting on the seats in the main Street or sitting doorways. Most of them have told me how grateful they are for what the Soup Kitchen does for them, diet & food are so important when living on the streets, just a hot meal can be a game changer. My advise to anyone who is thinking of joining us, look upon these people who are less fortunate than us as Human Beings and let’s help them as best we can.”