Our New Logo Is Created By One Of Our Clients

With the recent enhancements to our website, it was proposed that we design and adopt a new concept for the logo. Subsequent to various discussions of requirements, we reached out to one of our clients who has a background in graphic design.

Meryl Praill says “I would like to say thank you to one of our wonderful homeless men who is a graphic designer by trade. Over the last nine months of the Soup Kitchen being open, his and my relationship has grown to one of respect and trust.

“He loves sitting with the NWN crossword each week, stealing many of the female volunteers to sit with him and finish the crossword by the end of the session. He is kind and gentle and enjoys his time with us every week. At times he has said to me that “we [Newbury Soup Kitchen] make him feel that he is not homeless when he is with us.”

“I needed to improve our logo to make it look more professional and to recreate and represent the wonderful Soup Kitchen that we have become. I did not hesitate to ask him to help me. After all he knows the Soup Kitchen better than anyone as he has been with us since the first session.

“He has come up with the perfect design. I am so pleased and overwhelmed. As a result it has given him the boost to start a business again and get his life back on track. We will support him as much as we can with his journey.

“His website is not launched at time of this publication, so we are unable to direct you to his new venture. However, we’ll be crediting him within our ‘Thank You’ page in due course.

“So, keep a look out for Red Six Graphic Design. If you are a local entrepreneur looking to rebrand or need a new product logo, I can recommend him wholeheartedly.”