Pot Noodles On Special Offer Again


It’s been reported that Pot Noodles are on special offer again for 50p!

The Co-operative Food Newbury

Our partner Southern Co-Op at 75 Brummell Road at the Starting Gate pub in Speen has the 90g pots on sale at 50p each. If you are around the area or shopping in store, don’t forget you can drop them into our collection basket in store. At time of press, we are not sure how long this offer will last.


It’s been found that Poundland have a special “Two for £1.00” offer on their website for the same 90g pot. Although these cannot be purchased online, there is a store at The Kennet Centre which is open 7 days a week. If you’re in town, you could drop them off to the Salvation Army (opening times on their website). Again at time of press, we are unaware when this offer will end.


Unfortunately we do not have a Morrisons in Newbury, the nearest being Worting Road, Basingstoke, RG21 8BJ. If you are in Basingstoke, then you can find them on offer in store or you can buy online from the Morrisons website. The promotion is a price reduction to 50p until 24th October 2017. There is a restriction, limiting the purchase of 20 items per customer.