Suspended Coffees At The Monkey Tree Cafe And Business Event Catering

We wrote last October about the concept of suspended coffees and that two local outlets allow customers to pay forward a suspended coffee or meal to someone who is less fortunate then they. One of these outlets was Nelson’s Diner, which has recently closed.

The good news however is that we have learned that a local business to the Soup Kitchen does offer a similar service. The Monkey Tree offers a service which the call ‘Pay It Forward’.

Monkey Tree Newbury Cafe And Business Event Catering

You will read that the Monkey Tree caters for both retail and business services, offering business premises deliveries. So whether you’re passing by or ordering a business lunch service, please add a suspended coffee or suspended meal to your order as it will mean so much to someone else. To the contrary, if you or someone you know is down on their luck, pop in for a free cuppa.

Here @MonkeyTreeNewbury we operate a suspended coffee and food system. If our customers are kind enough to donate an additional drink or meal with the purchase, anyone can come in to claim it. No judgement and no questions. Sometimes we hit the bottom, through no fault of our own. Let’s try to give people a hand up when they fall down. #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee