Lots of Laughter, Friendly Conversation And Men Playing Cards

For me that was one of the nicest sessions we have had, 37 in total, again less than other weeks.

We welcomed a new volunteer this evening but as usual it was the situation that I had to leave him to just get on with it. The first hour is always so busy with people arriving and food being cooked and handed out.

One of our regular clients came in, on good form I thought, she is still working which is fantastic. Her employer has asked to extend her hours but for now she seems happy to be part time. I’m so pleased it is working out for her. She is a different person, so much happier.

One lady came in this evening she was very hungry and cold we warmed her up and fed her, she is back in the area and looking forward to a brighter future. I gave her a tent and sleeping bag.

A new chap, very nice man who had been signposted to us had not eaten for 3-4 days. We filled him with food and gave him the number for the Foodbank, I hope he goes when it is open next.

Looking around the room this evening, I heard lots of laughter, saw groups of people in friendly conversation, lots of food consumed and a group of men playing cards. One of our regular clients said that she felt that the Soup Kitchen is more like a social event. She said it was a happy place with a good atmosphere. This week particularly was definitely the case.

My volunteers are brilliant I am so humbled how much they have all invested in my idea and the running of the reality that is the Soup Kitchen. Our clients make our Soup Kitchen what it is, we have met some wonderful people.

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Food Hygiene Rating

Newbury Soup Kitchen was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good) by West Berkshire Council on 16th February, 2017

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Charity and Non Profit Award Winner 2018.

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The Newbury Soup Kitchen is division of the Haven (West Berkshire) homeless charity.

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