A New Lady Came In And We Kitted Her Out

A good Kitchen this evening I thought. A quieter week than some previous as far as number of clients, but no less busy.

I went to Waitrose this morning as I do every Thursday morning and after they found our bread, they came down with a huge trolley of finger bread rolls. There were more than thirty packets each with six rolls!

I took some to Becky at Eden Coffee Shop for her to fill with some simple fillings as she does each week. I then had the inspiration to buy some Frankfurter sausages and tomato sauce! They went down a storm. We have managed to spread a load of rolls around some volunteers who have freezer space and filled the freezer at the Salvation Army Hall ready for next week.

A new lady came in tonight. We kitted her out with a rucksack, a tent, some clothes and trainers too. I hope she will be back next week. The homeless people are getting cold so asking for extra warm sleeping bags and extra layers of warmth. The 4-5 season sleeping bags are the best.

We are running low on plates so please cheap paper and robust cardboard/mounded paper plates. Our Amazon Wish List has links to all items.

We have had some wonderful people donating tents and sleeping bags etc which is amazing. I am constantly humbled by people’s generosity. Thank you all again. We have an amazing team.