Busy With A Great Atmosphere

We received 32 clients this evening and what a great atmosphere.

Greenham Common Trust came in early and made an amazing curried Parsnip soup which was delicious. We haven’t done this before so it was a juggling act and well done Jan and Helen for coping with lack of space during setting up time. It was chaos but well worth it. The recipe is in a cookery book that is coming out soon in conjunction with the NWN.

Many of the Greenham Common Trust members came in which was amazing they all mucked in, gave out the Soup and sandwiches. They were so enthused by the buzz of the evening and how friendly and happy everyone was. A few of the ladies admitted that they had been nervous about coming and one said she was annoyed with herself for feeling that way.

Adrian Smith from Swift Couriers came in to see me too, he is Managing Director and Shareholder Swift Group. He is a wonderful man and has employed a few of our clients over the months. He helps with lots of charities locally and I hope we can be working with him further in the future.

Also tonight was the first change over to the night shelter that has been set up by West Berkshire Homeless. It was pretty smooth and I even noticed one of their volunteers hoovering! She’s a sweetheart and will do anything to make the transition as smooth as possible. I am so pleased to see our chaps warm, safe and happy. I am privileged to be a small part of that venture too.

Our hairdresser volunteer was amazing again! I saw she was so busy tonight cutting hair and I don’t think she came up for breath. She looked after so many of our clients. They so much enjoy coming in to see you. Your compassion and passion for what you do is so wonderful.

It was lovely to see more games out tonight. Funny I brought those in at the beginning of the year so well done who found them. Now we have chess, draughts and cards. I will put together a games box and get some other ones as they are all becoming so popular.

‘M’ came in with little ‘Milo’ the dog. The little chap is so adorable and we’re going to cut his nails and claws next week. It’s so amazing having a vet on the team!

We are going to have a new and bigger freezer. Whoop! Whoop! A wonderful couple who volunteer at the Soup kitchen have kindly donated it to us as we have no facilities in the hall. Everyone is so generous this will make our lives so much easier. We do not have to juggle bread now which will make a huge difference.

All volunteers accommodate anything thrown at them each week, be it Soup makers, to hiccups or people who just want to come in and see what’s going on. It was crazy busy tonight. We had so many people in the hall, the atmosphere was fantastic. You are all brilliant, we are a strong team and I am thankful for that.

I know it’s going to be potentially a bit chaotic over the next three months with the night shelter but at least some of our homeless are off the streets. West Berkshire Homeless have an ambition that they are going to get them all housed in some way and in jobs when the shelter closes in February.

We need now is a wonderful solicitor to come on board and help us on a voluntary basis. We have a few issues that the clients need some advice with.

Thank you all. What a brilliant evening.