New Job and Request for Boots

A busy evening with 37 clients in.

Quite a few volunteers have been ill recently, so it is great to have people I can turn to at the last minute. For two weeks running now, Richard and Christine have saved the evening by coming in last minute, picking up the Greggs donation at 5.30pm and dropping off all the left overs to Two Saints. Thank you so much.

Tonight’s menu included tuna pasta bake, tonnes of it! Cooked by yours truly, I over catered and there was miles too much, but it went down ok I think. Next week jacket potatoes!

It was great to see ‘L’ who came in tonight. We have not seen him for a while. He is doing so well and has been off drugs now since March. Most of his friends take drugs and it is a constant battle as it is around him all the time. He is determined to keep going. Regular checks at the drug clinic and a reducing methadone chemist prescription is an amazing achievement. Life is difficult for many, relationships are not always healthy or friendly, bullying is rife within the homeless and vulnerable community, including fear and a constant temptation to make the wrong decisions is around every corner. Achievements like L’s should be celebrated and recognised. Well done ‘L’.

I thought ‘F’ was on very good form again this evening. He enjoyed playing Jenga and it was lovely to see a group laughing and playing together. Again he is working really hard to sort his life out and live it rather than exist in it. People played board games and cards and read the paper.

‘G’ was in a poor state when she came in, talking to herself and at one point had a conversation to the space next to her. She is very distressed. However Grace was in so eventually got her to sit down so they could do a crossword together. ‘G’ seemed to enjoy it.

I have had some requests for walking boots this evening. Sizes 8, 9 and 10 if anyone has a pair. One of our homeless chaps is wearing plimsoles in this cold weather!

Some fantastic news is that one of our chaps has a job with accommodation at a local hotel, so I really hope it works out for him. He was very, very low on Christmas morning. Well done to Erica at the night shelter for that hard work.

Monday I took ‘H’ to see Karen who gave her a hair cut and colour! It is the first time ‘H’ has ever had it done professionally. It looks brilliant. Karen says she has amazing hair.

Our volunteer Frances tried to keep it quiet that it is her birthday tomorrow and a special one at that. Somebody let the cat out of the bag and I assume it was her husband David. We sang happy birthday which made her smile.