Client Success Stories

No matter who you are or what you do, there is nothing better than to receive positive critique and compliments. Be it work or play, adult or child, as a recipient it’s that warm and fuzzy feeling that someone appreciates you. Here are some of the success stories of our clients. Many wishing to remain anonymous, they have taken the opportunity write a few paragraphs explaining how they feel the Newbury Soup Kitchen has helped change their lives and to us, leaving also a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Phil's Story

When I first heard about the Newbury Soup Kitchen, I was in two minds as to whether to go or not. I thought it would be just a bunch of homeless people queuing up for soup and bread, then sitting around getting warmed up, to be on their way when it closes. I didn’t really fancy any soup that evening and almost decided not to bother. Then I thought, well maybe I’ll go along for a cup of tea. After all there was nowhere to go on a Thursday for food and drink so I gave it a try.

Alex's Story

I’d been flitting from one location to another, struggling to find secure accommodation and employment. Life had become disordered, depressing and chaotic. When I first visited the Soup Kitchen in early 2018 I was pleasantly surprised that there were so many people ready to help in any way possible. The Soup Kitchen volunteers are impartial local volunteers with no fixed agenda; just a straightforward community of people who recognise and relate that not all of us have the best start in life and therefore donate a hands-on approach to aiding the homeless, vulnerable and lonely.

Paula's Story

When I first started coming to the Soup Kitchen I found it very difficult but Meryl and the team made me feel very welcome. She is a super lady who will put her neck out for the vulnerable and homeless.

Martin's Story

After the break up of my marriage, my life started to get gradually worse and worse until one day I couldn’t cope anymore and just gave up. It was then that I made myself homeless because I didn’t want to live and I thought the further I distanced myself from everything, the easier that would make it.