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Appeal for Ruck Sacks….

We are currently running particularly low on rucksacks. Rucksacks are much sought after and we find ourselves assisting throughout the colder months with rucksacks and sleeping bags.

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Invaluable Nursing For The Local Rough Sleepers

It is coming more and more apparent that this Outreach service is very important to the homeless and vulnerable community and desperately needed. We have a few more clients come to us during the session itself this evening who need to see a nurse or doctor.

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A reminder that homelessness can happen to anyone.

During the time Newbury Soup Kitchen has been open we have established relationships with people. Trust goes a long way as many people we deal with have no one as family relations are fractured or broken and peers may not always be trustworthy either.

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Crisis For Our Clients

People who inject drugs can develop infections. Medical consequences of chronic injection use include scarred and/or collapsed veins, bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves, abscesses (boils), and other soft-tissue infections.

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