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The Good Exchange

We are currently seeking much needed funding for the ongoing development and support for our services. By using The Good Exchange to make your donation, it will be matched £ for £ by The Greenham Trust.

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What Causes Homelessness?

It was a quieter session this evening, with 38 in through the door. It did seem much busier than that. There were a few comings and goings – we think many people came in for the supermarket donations, as they are always so generous…

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Community Cooking School, How We Help & The Good Exchange Project

We had 48 people in this evening and we all had extra jobs to do whilst setting up as we were a couple of people down. On the menu this week we had Carrot and Sweet potato soup, Beef in Black Bean sauce with rice, Vegetable Korma, Jacket potatoes, Roasted peppers and Apricot bread and butter pudding.

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Helping Others in Rain or Snow

An incredibly cold night so we were not sure how busy we would be. I did wonder whether or not it would keep housed people indoors and the rough sleepers in their tents. In total 39 people came through the door. We even had a few people from Two Saints who braved the cold and pending snow.

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Sofa Surfing, Bills and Cold Weather

The cold weather can force people to live on harder flooring to help reduce damp coming up through the ground. This can make someone more vulnerable as they choose to sleep in a place that is more visible. Many rough sleepers choose to be invisible for safety. Through this cold weather, hot food and drinks are essential to help prevent hypothermia.

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