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New Clients, Alcoholism & Events We Attended

This week we went to Pitch to the Panel in the Corn Exchange, funded by Greenham Trust. A doctor and specialist from the hospital explained about fatty liver disease. Alcoholism is very common with many of our clients. We find it very distressing to see how the symptoms of alcohol cause such destruction to the body.

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Quiz Night, Police Support & Treasurer Needed

Sue, our wonderful and supportive PCSO was on duty this evening, she volunteers every week whether she is on duty or not. This week Sergeant Simon White also came in to see us and stayed for most of the session which was brilliant. The police support us and are very keen to build relationships with our clients too.

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The Effects Of Drug Use

Often people talk to us about their relationship with their families and how drugs have destroyed those relationships. This person said they know they have broken their mothers heart so many times, their mother has no strength left. Fractured relationships caused more anxiety and stress deepening the emotional strain and depression that they feel.

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Understanding Disruptive Behaviours

Some sessions are just filled with incidents that require all volunteers to be vigilant, have lots of diplomacy, patience and prepared to use all the skills that we have to ensure everyone is safe and remain safe. This week definitely kept us on our toes.

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The Small Things That Can Help Our Clients For The Better

A client came in this week, who we have seen transform from high level drug usage to being clean from drugs now for quite a few months. Taking drugs and being dependant on alcohol is usually used as a crutch to bury other issues that are deep-rooted and too painful to address.

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