Paula's Success Story

To respect this person's privacy, we have been asked not to use his real name or personal photograph.

I first met Meryl in 2017. I was feeling very low and Meryl came to see me at work. At the time I was homeless and sleeping by the canal. I was lost and feeling suicidal. Meryl put me into Bed and Breakfast until somewhere to live was found for me by another charity.

When I first started coming to the Soup Kitchen I found it very difficult but Meryl and the team made me feel very welcome. She is a super lady who will put her neck out for the vulnerable and homeless. Meryl and her team have helped many of people like me into accommodation and supported us. She is always cheerful and friendly with everyone.

Meryl has helped me sort out my benefits and helped settle me into a new home. She and her team are amazing to which I thank very much. Gaining the support from the Soup Kitchen has given me the strength to go on to get a full time job. I am now happier, feeling safe and able to move on and enjoy my life with a new job and greater confidence.

27th July 2018