Fundraising Events

Newbury 10K – May 27th 2024

Newbury 10k run will be held in Market Place on Monday 27th May, all profits will go to local charities including The Newbury Soup Kitchen!

To sign up please follow this link : ……………..

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Newbury Soup Kitchen golf day

The Newbury Soup Kitchen Golf Day is taking place on Thursday 18th July 2024 at the Sandford Springs Golf Club, Kingsclere. Set in the beautiful rolling hills of Watership Down in Hampshire with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The golf club is situated on the A339 between Newbury and Basingstoke.

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Fundraising Dinner 2023

We are excited to announce that the CEO & Founder of Newbury Soup Kitchen MerylPraill and Patron Will Young will host a Fundraising Event at The Vineyard on Friday 17th November 2023.

A Fabulous Black-tie dinner, entertainment and auction. All proceeds go to Newbury Soup Kitchen. Rob Rinder MBE will be our auctioneer and MC for the evening.

A sparkling wine and canapé reception will begin at 7 pm, followed by a delicious 3-course sit-down dinner with accompanying wines. Tickets are £200 per person or tables of 10 are available at £2,000. Carriages 1 am.

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Cath turns BLUE

Cath is changing the colour of her hair to turquoise in aid of Newbury Soup Kitchen March 6th 2023. “Jokingly thought it would be a good idea.  A bit of ridicule can’t hurt.  Can’t back out now, so let’s go for it.  My aim is to make people aware of

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Fundraising Ideas...?

Whether your office or business can host some form of coffee morning, or whether your local pub or restaurant can host a quiz evening – we are always searching for new and interesting approaches.

If you can help or assist in any capacity with fundraising, or you simply have some novel or interesting ideas; please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Our weekly donations from local business remain hugely important to us, but inevitably there remains a gap. Sometimes for food items, sometimes for clothing or health and hygiene products. But there is typically always a shortfall. Helping to raise much needed funds ensure our continued service provision – throughout the year – throughout the seasons – and at times when the most vulnerable of our society need it.

Again, if you have any ideas – please contact us…..

Our long term goal to open a community centre in the centre of Newbury, a one stop shop for support, outreach and food provision to people in need in OUR community.

Fundraising Ideas...?

There are lots of ways to seek sponsorship for challenges large and small. Whether you choose to travel miles for your challenge or you pick an event that is run locally, you can ask friends, family and work colleagues to donate and support your chosen cause.

Running Events

Whether you opt for a 5k or an ultra marathon, running events are a good opportunity to ask for sponsorship, whatever your level of fitness. There are lots of companies and event organisers hosting races throughout the year. Entry fees vary but many do not cost a huge amount and sponsored participation is a great way to raise money for your favourite cause or charity.

Walk for Charity

If you don’t want to run, opt for a sponsored walk instead. Walking events are becoming more and more popular, with many including an overnight element, so you complete the distance over two days. Walking is also a great for fundraising without taking part in an organised event. You can set the route yourself and record it using one of the many apps available for your phone. Just look to Major Tom for inspiration!

Cycling Events

There are cycle races taking place nationwide all year round, catering for all entry levels, from novice to seasoned cyclist. You don’t have to have fancy equipment to take part, and the routes are often in very scenic places, so you can enjoy the views whilst raising money



Top Tip

Tag @NewburySoupKitchen @NewburySoup when you are raising money for in all your social posts and make the posts public, so that people who do not know you but support the same cause have the opportunity to sponsor you too.

Shave Your Head

If you’re brave enough, why not shave your head for charity? Make sure you get someone to film it and share the footage on social media along with the link to your fundraising page. Using social media to ask for sponsorship helps to spread the word even further.

Sponsored Skydive

There are lots of skydives to choose from around the country and many charities organise their own. If you raise enough money, the cost of the sky dive is usually covered, so make sure you ask as many people as possible to sponsor you before you take the leap.

Bungee Jump For Charity

For adrenaline junkies, a bungee jump can be an exhilarating way to raise money and showcase your daredevil nature.


Whether you have ambitions to abseil down a building, landmark or rock face, there are plenty of resources online to help in your quest to abseil for charity.

Top Tip – It will reduce your costs if you are able join an existing abseiling event organised by your chosen charity or if you are able to find a group of people who would like to take on the challenge with you.

Quit Smoking or Drinking

Even non-smokers are aware of how challenging it can be to kick a smoking habit, so this challenge will often inspire generous donations. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you in order to motivate you to quit for a month (it doesn’t have to be Stoptober!). You’ll find that it’s hard to cheat when people start giving you money to stop, and you could even donate the money you don’t spend on cigarettes or alcohol. By kicking the habit for a month, you may even find it easier to stop for good.

Dry January (or any month!)

The perfect way to get healthy and all for a good cause. As well as getting sponsorship for going dry, you can save up the money you would have spent down the pub and donate this at the end of the month too.

Top Tip – Get your friends and family involved in the challenge. This will help to raise even more money and reduce the likelihood of you cheating!

Reach Out to Us if you need ideas – Newbury Soup Kitchen have lots of resources, that may help you think of a perfect fundraising idea, and we be able to support and advise you throughout.

Set up a Fundraising Page

There are lots of online fundraising platforms that make organising your sponsorship really easy. Switching from paper forms to online sponsorship usually raises more money, and, in many cases, the online providers also manage the collection of Gift Aid.

Top Tip – Make sure you add your story and pictures to your page to make it extra special.

Charity Dinner Party

Host your own Come Dine with Me event, charging your guests to taste your culinary delights. You could even inject a little competition and get friends and family to host their own as well, so you can score the evening and the cooking.

Shave your Beard

Whether your beard is a recent addition or you’ve been sporting one for years, people will pay good money to see it come off! Turn the shaving of the beard into an event, so you can collect more donations on the day.


Growing a moustache for charity can be a great team activity. Make sure you give plenty of notice so that those who want to be involved have plenty of time to start growing and grooming a fine moustache.

Sponsored Swim

Whether it’s outdoor wild swimming or your local pool, swimming is a great way of raising money for charity. You can organise your own attempt or join a pre-existing event in your local area or further afield.

Santa Run

Get out in December or Boxing Day and join lots of local of people dressed as Santa running off their festive excesses. Kickstart your New Year health regime and raise much-needed charitable funds at the same time! Get your family involved and create a fundraising page to maximise the donations you can achieve.

Boxing Day Swim

If you’re feeling very brave, then why not take the plunge and take part in a Boxing Day swim? Lots of people wouldn’t dare, so it’s a good opportunity to raise sponsorship money for Newbury Soup Kitchen. Great way to meet people too.

WE have lots of other platforms on our donation page to show you ways you can donate to Newbury Soup Kitchen. Go on and make a difference to someone’s life today.