Have You Heard Of A Suspended Coffee?

A “suspended ceiling”, a “suspended sentence” and “suspended particles” are all phases that many have all heard before. But a “suspended coffee” is perhaps something that maybe new to your vocabulary repertoire.

The Suspended Coffees website simply cites “a suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why.”

Well known brands such as Starbucks tend to get the media limelight, but it’s well worth pointing out that our very own Newbury independent retailers embrace the same philosophy, namely Gelato Joes and Nelson’s Diner.

Nelson’s goes one step further by providing a Suspended Meal service, where you can buy any meal and ask it to be ‘suspended’ and to be given to the homeless. Pay for a suspended coffee or meal and when a homeless person asks, Nelson’s will give something to eat and drink with your complements.

So whether you’re sitting in for something to eat and add a suspended coffee to your bill, or simply passing by and pop in to buy a suspended coffee or meal, please do so as it will mean so much to someone else. To the contrary, if you or someone you know is down on their luck, pop into either Gelato Joes or Nelson’s Diner for a free cuppa.

OK and don’t forget, this is a worldwide concept!