Cath - Volunteer

My name is Catherine and I joined Meryl and her team right at the beginning. I am one of the older members, possibly the shortest but not the quietest! My hobbies include reading, writing and painting and I volunteer at Thatcham food bank. So why join this lot? Well I love people and my life has been very blessed. I don’t have a hoard of money, but I do have time which these days is so precious. Many of the men and women who share Thursday evenings with us just want someone to listen to them, many are lonely and need a friend. Don’t we all? That is why I love my Thursday evenings, being among my new friends, whose lives are tough now. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face or make them laugh, then just for a second, life doesn’t seem so bad. I can’t change the world, but I can give friendship and a little hope. After all we are one big family and the only difference is that my life is easier than theirs. No one should be unseen or unloved in this world.