Mark - Session Volunteer

I knew Meryl some 35 years ago when we all used to hang out in the same wider group of friends! How time flies, and what a small world it is.

My motivation to volunteer for the NSK was, in the main, driven by a longstanding feeling that the homeless situation in this country was just plain wrong and needs to change. Seeing fellow human beings on the street, in all weathers, continues to pull at the heart strings, and for me, even more so when that person is young. I realised a long time ago that the reasons for homelessness are varied and often complicated, yet they continue to be judged so unfairly by many parts of society. So it was great to discover that the force for good behind this local initiative was the person I used to hang out with when we were barely old enough to order a drink at the bar!

What I felt I could offer was the usual life experience, practical & problem-solving skills, but also an empathy borne out of 35 yrs of overcoming adversity due to a longstanding chronic illness. I’ve also been an active medical charity fundraiser in my spare time, and have had a great deal of success organising some very large & memorable events.

I’ve really enjoyed the short time I’ve been at NSK. I am amazed by the friendliness, resilience and tenacity of the clients; and I am in awe of the selfless commitment of the volunteers who so regularly turn out to support them, many of whom have complex needs, and of course, Meryl, without whom, so many lives would be all the poorer.