Phil - Peer To Peer Volunteer

I had been homeless for two and a half years and started going to Newbury Soup Kitchen when it first opened. I was totally overwhelmed and impressed by all the kindness and care shown by the amazing volunteers. During the course of my visits to the Soup Kitchen, I got to know Meryl and the team who were people from all walks of life with a common aim, to help those less fortunate. They had helped me and many others with many things, as well as getting me some fishing tackle and a laptop, they helped me to regain my confidence and pride. I used the laptop to get back into Graphic Design and designed the Newbury Soup Kitchen and HAVEN logos and media graphics.

I was so impressed with all the kindness and friendliness back then that I became determined to ‘put something back’ when I get back on my feet. So, here I am, as a Peer to Peer Volunteer and proud of it. With my experience of being homeless I know most of the needs of our guests. I can talk to them and understand their predicament. I can offer tips and advice as well as some guidance to those who should need it. It gives me great pleasure to help in this way. And I hope that I can be an asset to Newbury Soup Kitchen in it’s quest to make life a little more bearable for the homeless and vulnerable.

Volunteering at Newbury Soup Kitchen is very rewarding and so enjoyable. I am committed to being a part of Newbury Soup Kitchen and HAVEN and all future plans and projects for as long as I am able.