Urgent Appeal To Cat Lovers – Temporary Homes Needed

Temporary Home Wanted For Ex-Serviceman Cat

We welcomed a new female client into the Soup Kitchen last night. She has recently broken up with her partner resulting in her becoming homeless and living in a tent at the moment. She is reluctant to go to the Two Saints hostel because they will let her take her cat. Can you support this lady by looking after her cat for the immediate future?

More urgently, we welcomed an ex-serviceman and spent some time with him. Again, he is a new visitor to the Soup Kitchen. He is having such a tough time at the moment. His predicament is that his partner is in hospital and he is paying £10.00 a day to a cattery to look after his beloved pet. Again, this feline friend is not allowed to stay with him in the temporary hostel accommodation he has at the moment. This appeal is for a kind person to look after his 18 year old cat until he can find more stable and permanent accommodation. This poor man has PTSD and he needs our support. He is desperately sad and worried about his cat. He cannot afford the cattery bills as he is on benefits.

If you can help, please email info@newburysoupkitchen.org.uk