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Proud Of What The Soup Kitchen Is Achieving

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It was another busy week where we welcomed 37 clients. Not our busiest in numbers by any means, but it definitely felt full on tonight.

Healthwatch are going to try to help one of our younger lads with his tooth issue. He is in terrible pain but has a phobia about dentists!

One of our homeless chaps is moving into a flat today! We all were so worried about him as he has got some serious health issues. We will try and help him with some bits and pieces for his flat once he knows what he needs. It is lovely to see how much he has gained confidence from when he first started coming in tho see us. Great news too is that one of our chaps has moved into another hostel which is quieter and he will be much happier. One of the volunteers is going to help him sort out his benefits so he can now move on to a more positive future.

One of our youngest homeless ladies has got a job which last night she said “she loved”. Already they are talking about giving her more responsibility. To see the change in her from when she first started coming in to see us is wonderful. Even though the Soup Kitchen is dealing with mental health issues, addictions and sometimes sadness it is lovely to see people moving on with their lives and with our support making the right steps to improve their future and living situations.

Katie our wonderful chiropodist came in to see us. A couple of people used her services. She will be hopefully coming fortnightly she will alternate with Karen our hairdresser.

We’re so proud of what the Soup Kitchen is achieving. It’s been a good week. Thank you to everyone who helps continue to make things happen.

4 thoughts on “Proud Of What The Soup Kitchen Is Achieving

  1. Everything you people are doing is fantastic. For homeless people who so badly need the help you’re giving them. I can’t volunteer to help you, becauae of my MS immobility, but I’ve bought some things on your Amazon wishlist which have been delivered to you. Very well done! Keep up the excellent work

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write Nick and your donations via the Amazon Wish List. It’s good to know that people can support us in other ways. You are more than welcome to come in one Thursday evening and say “hello”.

  2. Feeding the person to feed the soul. The love of God is working amongst those who help and those that attend.

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