Urgently Needed Paper Plates Please

An unusual Kitchen tonight. As last week not particularly busy, but full-on for lots of different reasons. That said, by 7.00pm we were down to about 15 regular clients who all said they like it when it is quiet.

Tonight we had Chess, Battleships and the regular card games. It was lovely to see ‘D’ playing cards! ‘S’ said he was really good too. He has come out of himself so much since January. He loves to be able to help by putting the tables away at the end of the session. It’s good for our clients to feel they are helping and contributing to the work of the Soup Kitchen too.

Two police officers turned up this evening looking for a chap as they were worried for his safety. I did talk to them and said how lovely it was to see that better relationships were really working and the police were coming in to see the clients were safe, rather than looking for them for another reason.

We now have a few of volunteers who come in to help, even if they are on rota. I’m very grateful for that and it’s humbling to me that we enjoy it so much.

We are starting to run low on paper plates. Both the cheap traditional ones and more expensive, sturdier cardboard type are in demand. This evening I have written to some manufacturers to try and get some more, but if you know of anyone who wants to donate to the Soup Kitchen, paper plates would be most welcome rather than Pot Noodles.

‘K’ again, thank you for coming in to cut hair especially since you had had such a horrendous day. You’re right, our clients do make you and all of us smile. Big ‘D’ was very happy with his hair cut!

One of our homeless ‘J’ said how friendly he thought the Soup Kitchen was and his lovely it was to shake someone’s hand, have a chat and a laugh and be made to feel welcome. That’s the reason why we do this. Giving dignity and respect back.