Happy Anniversary

The first year has passed since the doors opened to the Kitchen with nervousness apprehension and trepidation. Excitement and a definite buzz this evening from all the volunteers in anticipation of a momentous evening.

A rollercoaster of a year. Quite wonderful to see how the Kitchen clients, those homeless, rough sleepers and vulnerable have moved on positively in confidence. Where once there was sadness, we see laughter. Where there was apprehension we see trust.

Meryl Praill, Founder of Newbury Soup Kitchen commets:

“Thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed during our first year journey. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support by people who were once strangers. We have met sceptics along the way, but I see our Soup Kitchen and the bit of outreach that we provide to be nothing but positive. All the Soup Kitchen Volunteers are fantastic. All have jelled into such a strong working and caring team. Everyone has a different strength that compliments what we try to do. The positive feedback by our clients is wonderful to hear and cements our efforts. Roll on our second year.”

One homeless client said:

“The Soup Kitchen treats us like humans, real people, people with a voice. That’s why we come back each week. The food is good too!”

As to this evening, what seemed an unusually quiet, was not necessarily the case as the kitchen was rushed off their feet and exhausted. Counting the signatures in the sign in book we welcomed 37 people in this evening.

For the first time we served jacket potatoes. Fillings included chilli with grated cheese, yoghurt and freshly squeezed lime or baked beans and cheese. The jacket potatoes really went down a storm and will become a more regular menu choice in future.