Our Aladdin’s Cave Of Donations

It is with sincere thanks and gratitude that we can write this article. With over twenty sleeping bags and tents, various thermal clothing and thermos flasks and hundreds of paper plates, these are the donations we have received this past fortnight. All donations are continually welcomed from our Amazon Wish List, which we keep updated with items that are needed and in demand.

Working closely with other local organisations, we co-ordinate distribution to the homeless and rough sleepers at each Thursday evening Soup Kitchen. Many of our clients do ask if we have particular items that they may use and thermal clothing is high on the wanted list at the moment. Items like tents and sleeping bags are not necessarily manufactured for long term and consistent use and do become damaged with use, needing replacement. Certainly at this time of year, trying to dry out a sleeping bag does come with it’s obvious tribulations and hence we swap out tents and sleeping bags on a regular basis.

We sometimes find ourselves short of items needed for weekly use at the Soup Kitchen and only a fortnight ago was no exception when we found ourselves short of paper plates. We were amazed that from our plea, that paper plates started to arrive within days. A similar request by one of our clients for sugar sachets results with some 2,000 catering packets within a week.

The generosity of the local community never fails to amaze us and we know from speaking to the homeless clients, they are most appreciative of the Newbury community.

We just wanted to publish this article to show and tell how your donations are welcomed and appreciated by us and our clients. Thank you!

Amazon Wish List

Help support the Soup Kitchen by dontating items from our Amazon WIsh List.

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Newbury Soup Kitchen was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good) by West Berkshire Council on 16th February, 2017

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The Newbury Soup Kitchen is division of the Haven (West Berkshire) homeless charity.

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