Enborne Primary School Donation

This is our 39th week we seemed very busy even though we only had 33 people sign in.

Just before we opened a lovely teacher from Enborne Primary School turned up with food for the Soup Kitchen from their Harvest Festival collection. Three children came with her also all 8yrs old, her twin boys and another little girl. It really was lovely and they had decorated boxes to put the food in with personal messages. The children have gone back to school today [Friday] and have told their friends how they have learned that the food will help keep homeless peoples “tummies warm” when it is cold outside.

Many tents, gloves and hats were given out this week. As the weather is changing our homeless clients are starting to get cold and damp. Often the rain is the biggest problem, keeping bedding and clothes dry is very difficult.

It was lovely to see some of the men playing cards, it is encouraging conversation and hopefully making people feel valued which is so important to us at the Soup Kitchen. I know they enjoy it immensely.

We had some more donations come in of Pot Noodles, a lovely lady called Gaylene popped in with some more.

At the end of the evening, large amount of food was delivered to Two Saints after we closed for the Wayfarers. It is good to know that other people who are not coming to the Soup Kitchen are being helped also.